16–18 November 2021, Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany

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Press Releases (Exhibitors)

  • Meteor further expands its product portfolio with the launch of the HDC-ES3200 driver card for Epson S3200 PrecisionCore printheads. 
  • Meteor is pleased to announce the selection of Meson as its Korean distributor. 
  • An overview of the products that GEW will be featuring at InPrint Munich in 2019, including the all-new LeoLED UV curing system, which brings LED UV within affordable reach for all.
  • Product evolution of our unique UV LED plug & play curing solution provides users with enhanced benefits by using Semray® – The One UV LED solution in industrial processes. The new generation Semray® UV4103 stands out with more power and, due to smart engineering, lighter weight resulting from innovative material combinations. It is now even easier to integrate into complex set-ups, portable machines or onto movable machine parts. The combination of higher power and lighter weight enables higher production speed, saves energy in the process and enhances productivity. In addition, the curing process speeds up due to a more powerful UV LED solution increasing overall production efficiency. The new generation is based on the successful Semray® UV LED system that offers the flexibility to combine 75mm segments to cover different curing widths -- from single lamps on moveable set-ups to wide curing widths exceeding 250cm.
  • Infradry systems from Heraeus Noblelight make printing and coating applications significantly more efficient, as infrared emitters work in conjunction with a specially developed air management system to reduce drying time. Drying printing inks and lacquers is an energy-intensive process, which is reason enough to put conventional dryers to the test. Infradry modules combine intensive IR radiation with a controlled supply of hot air and exhaust system to ensure effective drying. This was accomplished with the help of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to coordinate radiation and air extraction via computer simulation before the system was built. Tests with customer materials confirmed the simulation. The drying speed was up to 30 percent faster than with conventional dryers.
  • LUTON, ENGLAND – 25th SEPTEMBER 2019: Exile Technologies European sales office has confirmed that the new SPYDER III Computer to Screen System will be officially launched at INPRINT Munich 2019. The all new SPYDER III DTS is a natural evolution of EXILE’s already proven SPYDER II DTS system, which, over the last few years, has revolutionised Screen stencil making by creating the ‘Digital Screen- room’ concept of Direct - Computer to Screen imaging and automated image placement and digital registration. The SPYDER III uses a completely new Xerox® industrial inkjet print-head design and a new water- dispersible black ‘phase change’ ink which offers a high optical density for excellent UV blocking. The ink is solid at room temperature and is therefore mess-free.... but it is also completely water-soluble for quick and easy washout with no residual waste solids. The Dye-based ink formulation avoids problems of pigment settling in the print-head and the ink solidifies on the Screen immediately after printing to produce a clean high density dot with minimal dot gain making it vastly superior to conventional water based ink jet CtS solutions. The SPYDER III applies the artwork digitally, with absolute accuracy, directly on to a coated screen. This eliminates the need for a film mask and streamlines the entire screen preparation process. Because the stencil is printed directly on the coated screen, no vacuum is required for the exposure. Pin-holing is therefore almost completely eliminated. The new Xerox print-head produces a much smaller physical dot size than previous phase change print- head technology and so produces much better edge definition. Two print mode settings are supported – a standard (fast) print setting of 900 dpi for typical Textile Screen print applications and a high resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi option for superior image quality with Industrial Screen print applications in mind. Both print modes support bi-directional printing so that the SPYDER III can print a typical Screen Image in well under a minute.... at over 0.5 sq metres per minute which is about 33% faster and with twice the dot resolution of the celebrated SPYDER II model. Even at 1200dpi the SPYDER III will boast an imaging speed of approx. 1.5 sq ft per minute on to any type of Screen emulsion The SPYDER III is available with a conventional tri-lock type mechanical registration system , or an optional MHM compatible registration system. The combination of mechanical registration and digital image placement eliminates human error with manual placement of film separations on multiple screens and translates into significant reduction in press setup up times and dramatic increases in Screen-room productivity. The SPYDER III can be seen at INPRINT Munich on the Lotus Holland stand no. 544. European shipments of the new SPYDER III system are scheduled to commence in November 2019. For more information please contact Mark Evans at Exile Technologies Limited on Tel. +44 (0)1582 573980 (email: mevans@exiletech.co.uk). Artwork and Photographs available upon request.
  • INPRINT Preview

    24 Sep 2019 Andreas Ferndriger
    SignTronic STM-TEX-PRO-10 film-free CtS IN-LINE screen making equipment guarantees not only a high screen quality at a maximum automation level, but also unbeatable cost reductions. This technology features CtS direct exposure, combined with automatic screen development, blow-off/preliminary drying and feeder technology.
  • INPRINT Preview

    24 Sep 2019 Andreas Ferndriger
    As specialists in screen making, we notice that also in the field of industrial applications, the pressure to increase quality while reducing costs is steadily growing. The trend towards automation is clearly visible here, too. Once again, Grünig-Interscreen and SignTronic stand for automated stencil making under the slogan Simplify Screen Printing!
  • Bielefeld, 11.09.2019 – Auf der diesjährigen INPRINT 2019, der internationalen Fachmesse für Drucktechnologie zur Anwendung in der industriellen Fertigung, treffen sich die Branchenexperten vom 12.-14. November auf der Messe München in der Halle A6. An Stand 714 wird Hymmen seine umfassende Digitalexpertise auf unterschiedlichste Substrate sowohl im digitalen Dekor- als auch Strukturdruck mit UV-Tinten unter Beweis stellen. Ganz neu ist die Ergänzung des Produktportfolios um die SATURN-Anlage für Dekorpapierdruck mit wasserbasierten Tinten.
  • Bielefeld, 11/09/2019 – At this year's INPRINT 2019, the international trade fair for printing technology for use in industrial production, industry experts gather in Hall A6 of the Messe München exhibition center from November 12 to 14. At Stand 714, Hymmen will demonstrate its extensive digital expertise on a wide variety of substrates in both digital decoration and structural printing with UV inks. Completely new to the portfolio is the addition of the SATURN system for decorative paper printing with water-based inks.

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