16–18 November 2021, Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany

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Press Releases (Exhibitors)

  • Phoseon Technology announced today the release of the FireLine™ FL440 LED curing solution, which increases the UV power of the LED system by 80%. With a 40mm-wide LED emitting window, the FireLine FL440 provides longer exposure time and greater dose to fully cure in single pass applications; production speed is increased by eliminating the need for multiple passes. The lamps are scalable to support custom length options and offers exceptional optical uniformity for consistent and reliable curing for the most demanding printing applications. Joe Becker, Product Marketing Manager at Phoseon Technology says, “The FL440 compliments the FireLine product line by offering a product with unmatched total UV energy. The more powerful FireLine FL440 offers customers a scalable, IP54 compliant solution with higher performance for jobs requiring maximum UV output.” The FireLine FL440 is part of the FireLine family of water-cooled UV LED curing lamps with uses in a wide variety of digital inkjet and web/conveyor-based UV curing applications. The FireLine architecture is designed to allow the scalable systems to be built to custom lengths.
  • Phoseon Technology today introduced FireEdgeTM FE100, the first natural convection UV LED light source for industrial curing, at Labelexpo Americas 2018 in Chicago. The revolutionary FE100 UV LED curing lamp for digital inkjet pinning, has no internal fan and is cooled passively through natural convection. A secondary application is edge curing during the manufacture of flat panel displays. “With its instant on/off and full intensity control, the FE100 enables precise finish control for digital inkjet pinning,” said Ed Kiyoi, senior technical marketing engineer at Phoseon Technology. “And its extremely slim form factor makes it ideal for flat panel display edge curing.” Using only ambient air for cooling, the FE100, which has an emitting window of 180x10 mm, eliminates the need for any external forced-air cooling system or chiller to remove heat from the UV source. The FE100 joins the family of Phoseon FireEdge compact air-cooled UV LED light sources that minimize the distance required between inkjet heads, offer a simple, quick programmable logic controller (PLC) interface and provide high reliability and long life.
  • Agfa to showcase new industrial printing applications at InPrint 2019 At InPrint 2019 (Munich, November 12-14), ink expert Agfa will show how inkjet printing lends itself perfectly to integration in a wide variety of highly demanding industrial production environments, as it delivers the speed and flexibility that brands are looking for to meet their customers’ challenging and varying requirements. In industrial printing, the printing process is integrated into an existing manufacturing process, and thus compatible with pre- and post-printing processes. In direct relationship with system integrators, Agfa develops specific high-performance industrial inkjet inks for use in state-of-the-art, often custom-made OEM printing equipment. UV-curable inks: consistent print results Agfa’s top-performing UV inkjet inks fuel many OEM printing solutions. Not only do they deliver high print quality and day-to-day reliable print results, but also a wide color gamut, excellent jetting reliability, superior shelf life and superb batch-to-batch consistency. Jettable primer and varnish complete the range. Agfa’s booth will feature multiple print samples from its customers, with a focus on direct-to-shape product printing and interior decoration. Water-based inks: the next wave The interest in aqueous inkjet inks for industrial applications is strongly growing as they provide benefits in terms of ecology, cost-efficiency, and safety. At InPrint 2019, Agfa will present its developments to date. One of the industries which is looking for inkjet printing solutions is the laminate flooring and furniture market. Together with Unilin, leader in high-quality laminate production, Agfa has designed water-based ink-primer sets for high-speed roll-to-roll digital printing on decor paper. This combination of dedicated primers from UNILIN and perfectly matched Agfa inks delivers a wide color gamut with amazing print quality and low ink consumption. Agfa will also show its aqueous inkjet ink developments for packaging with a focus on corrugated and flexible packaging. In this market segment, inkjet printing meets brands’ demand for personalized packaging at an acceptable cost, while also offering them just-in-time delivery and supporting them in their search for more ecological alternatives. Functional inkjet inks Agfa is also globally active in the field of inkjet inks for printed electronics and printed circuit boards (PCB) production. The company offers inkjet inks for legend printing, solder mask and etch resist, allowing for total flexibility in lot size, variable data printing and position-dependent layer thickness. In addition, Agfa develops nanosilver inks which feature highest conductivity with low silver deposition (one micron DFT) and deliver high-resolution printing to create smaller, lighter and more cost-effective printed electronics devices. Meet Agfa’s inkjet ink experts and see real-life print samples at InPrint, booth 510 (Munich, 12-14 November). UV inkjet chemistry requirements for industrial printing – Marc Graindourze, Business Development Manager Industrial Inks, Agfa Technical stage, Wednesday November 13, 09:30 A quantum leap in digital printing of laminate flooring & furniture – Marc Graindourze, Business Development Manager Industrial Inks, Agfa, and Jasmine Geerinckx, Business Development Manager UNILIN, division technologies Applications stage, Thursday November 14, 11:00 am For more information about Agfa’s functional inkjet inks, visit Agfa at Productronica 2019 (Munich, 12-15 November, hall B3 booth 255).
  • JetCure LED - more efficient than ever before

    09 Sep 2019 Catherine Gettert
    The new jetCURE LED curing system was specially developed for inkjet printing applications where it is used for pinning and final curing. Depending on LED assembly and wavelength, it reaches extremely high intensities of up to 18 W /cm² which guarantee a lightning-fast and reliable cure of the inks and thus allows very fast line speeds.
  • Real-time Drop Analysis for Inkjet Printing

    16 Sep 2019 Dr. Frank Thomsem
    KRÜSS is set to showcase the new Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA Inkjet at the InPrint in Munich (Germany) Integrated printer electronics and an intuitive waveform editor for direct control of compatible print heads Live analysis of resulting drop properties such as volume, speed and trajectory
  • At InPrint 2019, leading laminate manufacturer UNILIN and inkjet ink expert Agfa will show how the combination of water-based primers and inkjet inks delivers a breakthrough for digital production printing of laminate flooring and furniture.   Wielsbeke, Belgium – 17 October, 2019   UNILIN and Agfa joined forces to investigate the feasibility of deploying inkjet printing for high-volume, high-speed production printing of decor paper used for laminate flooring and furniture. At InPrint, they will present the outcome of their cooperation: specialized water-based ink-primer sets for high-speed roll-to-roll digital printing on decor paper for laminate flooring and furniture. The combination of dedicated, conventionally coated primers from UNILIN and perfectly matched Agfa pigmented inkjet inks delivers a wide color gamut with amazing print quality and low ink consumption. Sharply priced, these ink-primer sets will be competing head-to-head with high-volume gravure printing. “Integration within existing manufacturing facilities is easy as this innovative technology is fully compatible with conventional processing including impregnation, pressing, cutting and milling,” says Jasmine Geerinckx, Business Development Manager UNILIN, division technologies. Tom Cloots, Director Industrial Inkjet Agfa, adds: “As it is a digital process, inkjet printing can be used during the full life cycle of a design – from the start-up with a very small run, through high-volume production, up to the last few print batches when a specific design is being phased out. This flexibility enables a quick response to market needs, while minimizing unprofitable stock levels.” Visitors to InPrint 2019 will be able to discover a wide range of laminate samples and discuss the benefits of the dedicated ink-primer sets with experts from both companies.   Meet UNILIN and Agfa at InPrint, booth 510 (Munich, 12-14 November). A quantum leap in digital printing of laminate flooring & furniture –Jasmine Geerinckx, Business Development Manager UNILIN, division technologies and Marc Graindourze, Business Development Manager Industrial Inks, Agfa, Applications Stage, Thursday November 14, 11:00 am   About UNILIN UNILIN produces laminate, engineered parquet and luxury vinyl flooring under the Quick-Step, Pergo and Balterio brands as well as wood-based panels (particle board, MDF), decorative panels, roof systems and insulation boards. UNILIN employs 5000 people at 20 production sites worldwide. UNILIN had a turnover of 1.6 billion euros in 2018  and forms part of the international listed group Mohawk (NYSE: MHK). www.unilin.com/en – www.mohawkind.com More specifically, the technologies division within UNILIN files patents and manages their worldwide protection and commercialization, granting hundreds of licenses to trusted partners via an extensive sales network. UNILIN, division technologies currently focuses on innovative technologies for the flooring, ceramics and furniture industries, managing more than 3,000 patents in over 450 patent families. www.unilintechnologies.com/en Contact: info.technologies@unilin.com   About Agfa Agfa develops, produces and distributes an extensive range of imaging systems and workflow solutions for the printing industry, the healthcare sector, as well as for specific hi-tech industries such as printed electronics & renewable energy solutions. The headquarters are located in Belgium. The largest production and research centers are located in Belgium, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, China and Brazil. Agfa is commercially active worldwide through wholly owned sales organizations in more than 40 countries. Contact: press@agfa.com
  • Also this year a team of SPS® TechnoScreen will join the show and on display will be the ATMAOE MF44. This semi-automatic flat-bed press is equipped with a camera sheet / image register system and reaches an accuracy of ≤ 20 μm!
  • iTools has developed a new version of its highly compact InkDock™ ink supply unit for TOSHIBA TEC’s 600dpi CF3 family recirculating inkjet heads. InkDock™ is designed for industrial applications, capable of handling extended print runs in challenging environments. The Operator version of its browser-based user interface is icon-driven for easy and fast operation - this is compatible with touch screens.
  • While USHIO’s conventional UV and IR expertise is obvious when applied to curing and drying, its mastery of surface science has extended the possibilities of increased ink adhesion through excimer irradiation and UV LED curing solutions. Simultaneously improve wettability and clean sensitive surfaces with USHIO’s modular ExciJet UV excimer series, without the damage caused by corona, flame, and plasma techniques. Meanwhile, the UniJet UV LED series deftly excludes chemical emissions from your curing and roll-in print processes.  USHIO will be at InPrint hall A6 stand 657 in Munich from 12-14 November 2019, ready to discuss a complete portfolio of solutions for your printing processes.

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