16–18 November 2021, Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany

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Press Releases (Exhibitors)

  • Wexham Springs, UK – 1 November 2019 – Sun Chemical will exhibit its portfolio for functional, industrial and specialty print applications suitable for a broad range of market sectors at InPrint 2019, in Munich, Germany from 12 to 14 November on stand 246 in Hall A6.  
  • ChemStream at INPRINT 2019

    07 Nov 2019 Els Mannekens
  • Mimaki Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of Mimaki Europe, will showcase a comprehensive portfolio of profit-generating inkjet printing solutions at InPrint 2019 (Munich, Germany – 12-14 November 2019). Building on its established expertise in providing complete industrial workflow solutions and addressing the needs of print service providers and industrial manufacturers, the company will demonstrate how the use of Mimaki’s printing technology can produce outstanding applications and drive new business opportunities in different industry sectors, including interior design and architecture, furnishing, packaging, promotional and consumer goods. Visitors to the company booth (hall A6, booth 210) will see some of these inspiring applications first-hand in Mimaki’s Application Area, where a broad range of innovative substrates and printed products – including UV-printed wood and glass surfaces, textiles and 3D samples – will be displayed.
  • Personalization without additional costs Create a unique high-quality personalized product, impress the customer with unparalleled 3D effects. Enable them to highlight even the smallest of details of a 3D theme or offer incredible metallic effects. We are introducing a new technology of the future – its advantages are maximum production speed and minimum cost. Digital inkjet printing technology AROJA XORFEX is introducing a completely new and unique digital inkjet technology to the world market. It forms the backbone of product personalization. Earlier the company amazed not only Europe with special 3D printers. These were valued by companies in the industry and also in education. Now the author of the then product, Jan Škopík, joined forces with Tomáš Wolf. The new machines allow the personalization of both rotary items and large-format panels. Companies from several European countries have already started using the first of them. With great success. It is, however, only a partial step in the planned development. What was before considered unimaginable is becoming reality. A can that you will never want to throw away The cosmetics industry, healthcare, food and other industries that use rotary packaging such as cans, cups, plastic bottles, tubes, and others can now transfer a perfect image instead of a packaging. Why is the new technology so revolutionary? Changing the theme without having to stop the machine, zero costs when changing the print, no unnecessary costs for glues, labels, foils – those are the main benefits. In addition, it is fully automated. Predicted success The company, whose machines are considered the world number one in 3D printing, expects great success with the new technology. "Findings of existing customers have already predicted success to us. If not for the long-time dedicated approach of the ink-jet technology and software specialist Tomáš Wolf and the support of specialists from Konica Minolta, the new technology would never have emerged,” says Jan Škopík, business manager of the company Aroja Xorfex. Global market of customer solutions for industry and design within reach The company is ready to produce the machines unique of its kind in the world in series. A machine unique in the world can print beverage cans with special effects and shapes. Direct printing and amazing details Exciting effects that evoke reality in you. They affect all the senses and materialize a dream into reality. Do you feel like offering your customers a genuine experience when looking at their product? Thanks to modern digital machines for special effects and thanks to rotary printing, Aroja Xorfex proves that personalization is no longer just a distant horizon.   Nika Buterin, Marketing Manager Email: nika.b@axortech  AROJA XORFEX s.r.o. tř. Masarykova 1197, Veselí nad Moravou Czech Republic  
  • A not inconsiderable part of a product is its packaging. It sells where we need to distinguish a traditional brand primarily in detail. A unique advanced technology is coming to the global market – it forms the backbone of product personalization. Thanks to the unique packaging. Why manufacturers of beer and other beverage assortment? The new machines allow the personalization of both rotary items and large-format panels. Companies from several European countries have already started using the first of them. The technology is being introduced at the international fair Inprint - Industrial Print Show. When to personalize a product? Special occasions or other special events, unexpected demand, distinctive offer to individuals or companies. The new machine is a great tool how to address a wider array of customers with the necessary speed. The company is ready to produce the machines unique of its kind in the world in series. Customers will have the advantage of initial testing. This will verify if your product achieves the 100 percent required quality using the new technology. As an exclusive partner for industrial solutions in Eastern Europe, the company has agreed to close partnership with Konica Minolta CZ. RP series digital inkjet UV printers: highly flexible printing of cylindrical and conical objects Used in following branches: Design and Graphic studios for its superb flexibility and easy use Advertising offices for printing rotary objects for advertising use Beverage industry for smaller printing jobs 2RP digital inkjet UV printers: fully automated medium volume printing of cylindrical and conical objects Used in following branches: Beverage industry for large printing jobs of cans, bottles, cups … Cosmetics and Medical industries for printing tubes, bottles, jars… Advertising offices for printing rotary objects for advertising use Design and graphics studios for larger promotional print jobs KP high tech digital inkjet UV printers: fully automated high volume printing of cylindrical and conical objects Used in following branches: Beverage industry for very large printing jobs of personalized cans, bottles, cups … Cosmetics & Medical industries for high production printing of tubes, bottles, jars … Massive production of digital inkjet printing on cylindrical or conical objects Company is also providing accessories and supplementary equipment for axspin digital inkjet printers. The new technology enables personalization at no additional costs even in very small series or even as individual products. And that is just the moment, which enables a brewing company or any other beverage company to enter the process. Effective printing of beverage containers, energy efficiency reduction, innovation of the existing product from the outside and most importantly novelty – that is what you will bring to your customer. Aroja Xorfex belongs into the world of high-tech digital printing technologies – an innovative solution that moves you forward.   Nika Buterin, Marketing Manager Email: nika.b@axortech  AROJA XORFEX s.r.o. tř. Masarykova 1197, Veselí nad Moravou Czech Republic
  • Optimized ink transfer

    06 Nov 2019 Sonja Mayer
    KNF recommends its FK 1100 and FK 1.1100 diaphragm liquid pumps, for example, for an ink supply that meets the needs of customers’ processes. The sophisticated design enables direct, leak-proof integration into customers’ systems without any complications. Even low-viscosity inks can be moved through the printing system to the print head at pressures of up to 6 bar with no losses.   The FK 1100 and FK 1.1100 are marked by their low pulsing and exceptional linearity. Three diaphragms work together inside the pump head. They are set at 120° angles to one another and connected in parallel, leading to very low pulsing. The gentle transition minimizes shearing forces, and this careful transfer protects sensitive pigments. The modular system developed in-house at KNF offers brushless DC motors and AC motors. The rotational speed of the brushless DC motors can be controlled via analog or digital signals to enable low flow rates as needed. Both models offer flow rates of up to 12.4 l/min with a suction head of up to 4.5 mWs.
  • Very low pulsation

    06 Nov 2019 Sonja Mayer
    With a flow rate of up to 4.4 l/min, the FP 400 diaphragm liquid pump is particularly well suited to ink circulation. KNF has managed to horizontally arrange five diaphragms on a single level for the first time, ensuring very low pulsing on both the pressure and suction sides. With this advantage, which was previously only possible with gear pump technology due to design constraints, the FP 400 has a unique selling point. The typical secondary measures for avoiding pulsing are no longer needed.  The functional advantages tied to diaphragm pump technology also come into play — this pump is self-priming and maintenance-free and can operate dry. This model’s minimal shearing forces also work to preserve inks. The FP 400 offers IP65 protection.
  • The company AROJA XORFEX s.r.o. has launched a new technology to the market that enables direct digital print of garage panels by using the ink-jet technology. Now we are proudly claiming that our printing solution for this area is a successful proven business case, says Jan Skopik, CEO of AROJA XORFEX s.r.o. Mr. Skopik further states the precise reasons why it is high time to think of a change if manufacturers of garage doors do not want to lose their profits and market share. The guarantee for outdoor use is 10 years or more. There is no peeling of the foil in recesses or formation of bubbles on the surface, which sometimes happens in the case of the foiling technology. AROJA XORFEX uses a digital ink-jet print technology, where the UV ink is applied directly to the surface of the panel and is therefore very intensely bound to the upper layer. Very economical production. According to calculations and experience of customers, who have got the machines installed, up to 50 % savings occur compared to the use of the foiling technology, even with standard themes such as golden oak, walnut or cherry. This value, however, is individual and cannot be taken as technical framework, says Skopik. Reduction of stock, waste and increase of lean manufacturing. Skopik further states that thanks to the use of the Aroja Xorfex technology a reduction of stock inventories by up to 70 % occurs as customers no longer need to store panels with various themes because entry into production only requires white panels and the customer simply prints the theme. Absolute freedom of design with the above-mentioned benefits. The sheer uniqueness is also uniquely valued and therefore our customers can significantly increase their prices, says Skopik. The implementation of the technology is in the CMYK version. The time needed for printing a single panel of 4000 mm in length is between 90 – 270 seconds and we are working intensively to increase the speed. The technology is delivered with a pre - treatment unit and finishing varnishing, says Skopik. At present we are negotiating several business cases in Poland, Romania, and Belgium. In USA and Canada, there are at least 4 very promising deals. We are also negotiating with other customers in Italy and Spain, Skopik adds finally.   Nika Buterin, Marketing Manager Email: nika.b@axortech  AROJA XORFEX s.r.o. tř. Masarykova 1197, Veselí nad Moravou Czech Republic
  • UV LED specialist Integration Technology to showcase at InPrint

    05 Nov 2019 Staci Reeson, Marketig Manager
    Join the Integration Technology Business Development team on Stand 634 at the International Exhibition of Print Technology for Industrial Manufacturing, InPrint, Munich. With access to many variations of UV Curing, Integration Technology are able to offer solutions tailored to any UV application. Using our wide applications knowledge, advanced technical experience and modular component concept combined with a dynamism for which we are renowned, we have the in house capability to design, manufacture and deliver unique bespoke solutions, making us not just another off the shelf UV or UV LED supplier. Whatever your application – #WeHaveTheCure  
  • At InPrint 2019, global digital print solutions manufacturer, Roland DG (booth 746), will showcase some of the latest exciting innovations from its extensive portfolio of hardware, software and ink technologies. ‘Solutions to Print onto Anything’ is Roland’s theme for the show and in addition to live on-booth demos and an informative range of sample applications, Roland’s expert team will be on hand to help visitors find the best solutions for their specific needs, whatever their industrial print requirements. ‘Off-the-shelf’ or bespoke solutions to meet specific industrial print needs Roland has a proven track record in the industrial print sphere with leading brands worldwide relying on Roland solutions to deliver a huge range of industrial applications - from realistic product and packaging prototypes and functional mock-ups to product customisation for decorative and functional purposes. InPrint 2019 (Munich, Germany 12 – 14 November), will bring together professionals from across the industrial and consumer goods sphere and as such is the perfect setting for Roland DG to present an impressive range of its ‘off-the-shelf’ products and also bespoke solutions, developed with partners, to address the specific requirements of brands and manufacturers from across the globe. Paul Willems, Head of Business Development and Product Management, Roland DG EMEA comments. "Roland is to its core a solutions provider; every day we are working with industry partners to develop the best technologies to meet market needs and to create tailored solutions for our unique customers.” Willems continues. "InPrint Munich 2019 is an excellent opportunity for us to connect with customers and industrial print professionals, exchanging knowledge of this exciting field and pushing boundaries further to help more businesses achieve success." New innovations which push the boundaries of industrial print With an extensive product portfolio of inkjet printing systems (print only and print & cut), UV direct print, sublimation print, inks, software and more, Roland solutions are compatible with an incredibly wide range of substrates including plastics, metals, wood, glass, leather, vinyl, canvas and textiles. They are used for a host of different graphic applications, for bespoke on-demand production or longer higher volume runs. Roland solutions deliver excellent return on investment and offer impressive flexibility to meet diverse industrial needs whilst delivering consistent, high-quality output. Highlighted catalogue solutions on the Roland booth at InPrint include the recently-launched VersaUV LEF2-300 UV-LED printer which is compatible with a huge variety of materials and objects, allowing crisp text, bold images and even textural elements to be printed directly onto a media's surface in a safe and straightforward process. The VersaUV series is used successfully in industries including architecture and design, automotive, furnishing and interior decor, packaging prototypes and sign & display. It is also ideal for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers, as the technology allows on-demand, personalised object printing for individual customers. Also on show will be the new SF-200 flatbed printer, the world’s first eco-solvent flatbed printer for sensitive applications. Thanks to its safe and durable eco-solvent inks, the SF-200 is ideal for full-colour, digital print onto items such as food containers, sports equipment, health and personal hygiene products, medical instruments, cosmetics packaging, electronics and children's toys. Roland will also preview a bespoke solution to print onto membrane switches and control panels in a range of shapes and sizes, with customised designs. All Roland solutions are backed by professional support, with service plans tailored around the needs of the user. With these exciting solutions and much more, guests to the Roland stand are invited to discuss their industrial printing requirements with the trusted brand's representatives in order to find their own perfect Roland solution. Find Roland DG at InPrint Munich 2019 at booth 746. For further information about Roland DG’s solutions, please visit www.rolanddg.eu ENDS About Roland DG Corporation Roland DG Corporation is the world's leading provider of digital printing solutions. The company's inkjet printers, printer/cutters and cutting machines are widely used to create a broad range of promotional items including banners, signs, vehicle graphics, stickers and labels, and to provide customisation services for apparel and personal items like smartphone cases. Recently, Roland DG has embarked on a promising new retail frontier by capitalising on individuals' increasing desire to create their own, uniquely designed and decorated items. The company’s COTO business division has developed proprietary design and print management software which enables customers to design their own gifts, apparel and treasured mementos, and to enjoy an unforgettable creative experience. For more information, please visit www.rolanddg.eu

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